Yinghui Chen / Jiang, Lunan


This paper investigates the contribution of liquidity risk to Chinese corporate bond spreads. We calculate corporate bond spreads based on the full treasury yield curve and establish a set of liquidity measures of the Chinese corporate bonds. Our empirical study shows that liquidity premium accounts for a relatively smaller portion of corporate bond spread in China, although the market liquidity is low and corporate bond issuers are strictly pre‐screened. These findings are interesting, as the developed markets have better liquidity and less pre‐issuance restriction, and liquidity premium still explains a relatively larger portion of corporate bond spread. Besides, we also explore the determinants of Chinese corporate bond liquidity and default premiums.


Chinese bond markets, default risks, liquidity risk, yield spread


Chen, Y. / Jiang, L.: Liquidity risk and corporate bond yield spread: Evidence from China, in: International Review of Finance, Vol. 21 (4), pp. 1117-1151, 2021