Ahn, Young Bin / Tsuchiya, Yoichi



This study examines the directional accuracy of Singapore’s macroeconomic forecasts by professional forecasters, government agencies (i.e., central bank and Ministry of Trade and Industry, MTI), and international organizations. The results show that government agencies provide the most directionally accurate forecasts, suggesting that the macroeconomic and monetary policies are effective. Current-year forecasts are generally directionally accurate, with disparities among forecasters for next-year forecasts. Regarding GDP growth, the MTI and International Monetary Fund (IMF) provide directionally accurate forecasts up to four quarters ahead, whereas other forecasters provide them for at most three quarters ahead. For consumer price index inflation, except for the IMF, all others provide directionally accurate forecasts up to four quarters ahead.


Macroeconomic forecast; directional accuracy; professional forecast; government forecast


Ahn, Young Bin / Tsuchiya, Yoichi: Directional Accuracy of Singapore´s Macroeconomic Forecasts, Singapore Economic Review, forthcoming