Prof. Dr. Makram El-Shagi

Research Interests


Monetary macroeconomics, esp. monetary policy

International macroeconomics, esp. regulation of financial markets

Econometrics, esp. computational econometrics and time series econometrics


Current Positions

Since July 2017 Director of the CFDS
Since September 2015 Full Professor of Economics at Henan University, Kaifeng

Since October 2014

Research Affiliate at the Center for Economic Research, College of Business and Economics, University of Wisconsin Riverfalls, US
Since August 2014 Research Professor at the Halle Institute for Economic Research, Germany




Habilitation (postdoctoral qualification qualifying for full professorship)
University of Mannheim, Department of Law and Economics, May 2008

Dr. rer. pol (equivalent to PhD)
University of Mannheim, Department of Economics, December 2003

Diplom-Volkswirt (equivalent to MSc)
University of Trier, January 2001


Research Network

Recent external collaboration on country level. Dive into details by clicking on the dots.



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