Relationship between Oil Price and Exchange Rate by FDA and Copula 

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The Impact of Inequality and Redistribution on Growth

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Dependence Structure between Oil Prices, Exchange Rates, and Interest Rates

Kim, Jong-Min / Jung, Hojin

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Time series forecasting using functional partial least square regression with stochastic volatility, GARCH, and exponential smoothing

Kim, Jong-Min / Jung, Hojin

Journal of Forecasting (forthcoming)

Lobbying and Elections

Klingelhöfer, Jan

Bulletin of Economic Research (forthcoming)

 Exporters in cross section: direct vs. intermediated trade

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Review of International Economics (forthcoming)




Household Characteristics and the Change of Financial Risk Tolerance during the Financial Crisis in the US

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Does an Economically Active Population Matter in Housing Price?

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Dealing with Small Sample Bias in Post-Crisis Samples

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For They Know Not What They Do – Monetary Policy During the Great Moderation

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Empirics on the long-run effects of building energy codes in the housing market

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Does the Confucius Institute Network Impact Cultural Distance? A Panel Data Analysis of Cross-Border Flows in and out of China

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The Negative Consequences of School Bullying on Academic Performance and Mitigation through Female Teacher Participation: Evidence from Ghana

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A New Generalized Volatility Proxy via the Stochastic Volatility Model

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Can Asymmetric Conditional Volatility Imply Asymmetric Tail Dependence?

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