Policy Forum 2 (May 2018) 


After more than a year in office US president Trump’s antics are keeping everybody – from politicians over journalists to scientists – on edge. It is undeniable that he is indeed creating a new world order. Rules that everybody had come to accept as God-given are suddenly challenged.

However, while enjoying his presumed success Trump is actually and unwittingly building a world where the US are not at all “great again” but simply obsolete. Trump is subject to a mistake that sounds like semantic hairsplitting but could not be of greater relevance. Trump seems to believe that the influence of the US is built on its (military and economic) prowess. Yet, what the US role is truly founded on is the trust in this prowess and how the US is going to use it. Exploiting the US power to gain the upper hand in negotiations with both competitors and the US’ closest allies is undermining that trust.

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