Prof. Dr. Peter Egger


1996, Master in Economics - University of Linz, Austria
2001, PhD in Economics - University of Linz, Austria
2002, Habilitation, University of Innsbruck, Austria


Current Positions

Senior Fellow at the CFDS since 11/2017

Professor of Applied Economics at KOF, the Swiss Institute for Business Cycle Research and Head of the Division Structural Change and Innovation at KOF since 2009


Research Interests

  • Applied and Theoretical Panel econometrics (time-invariant variables, long- and short-run estimates, spatial econometrics)
  • Applied and Theoretical international and regional economics (outsourcing, multinational firms, trade volumes; economic integration, new economic geography)
  • Industrial organization and multinational firms





Address: Dongliuzhai Building, 85 Minglun Street
Henan University, Minglun Campus
Shunhe, Kaifeng, Henan
475004 China

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