Hengzhan Xin, PhD

Hengzhan Xin, PhD

Research Interests

Capital market, corporate finance


Ph.D. Economics
Nanjing University, 2017



  1. Institutional Investor Heterogeneity, Duration of Shareholding and Corporate Performance (CSSCI), Journal of Shanxi University of Finance and Economics, 2017 (4) in Chinese
    《机构投资者异质性、持股持续期与公司业绩》(CSSCI,独著),山西财 经大学学报,2017(4)。

  2. Research on Redemption of Open-end Funds Market in China (CSSCI), Yunnan Social Sciences, 2017 (2) in Chinese

  3. The Actuarial Study of Continuous Incremental Life Insurance under Stochastic Interest Rate (CSSCI), Statistics and Decision-making 2010 (4) in Chinese
    《随机利率下的连续性增额寿险精算研究》(CSSCI,独著),统计与决策 2010(4)。

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