Prof. Bing Tong, PhD

Bing Tong, PhD

Research Interests

DSGE Models, Bayesian Estimation, Monetary Policy, Macroeconomics



Ph.D. Economics
Peking University, China Center for Economic Research, 2010

M.A. Economics
Central University for Nationalities, College of Economics, 2004

Nankai University Department of Insurance, 1999




  1. Interest Rate Fixation, Excessive Fluctuations, and Exchange Rate Management in China  (with Guang Yang),  Applied Economics,Vol. 53 (26), pp. 2993-3022, 2021

  2. The Effects of Capacity Reduction Policy Under the Interest Rate Peg in China, Journal of Asian Economics, Vol. 74, 101311, 2021
    [Available as: CFDS Discission Paper 2020/02, 2020]
  3. Mixed-frequency Data,Investment Shocks and Business Cycles in China, in: Economic Research Journal, 2017, 52(6):60-76. (in Chinese)

  4. Bing Tong, An Exploration of the Relation between M0 and CPI in China, Financial Theory & Practice, 2016(2):36-41. (in Chinese)

  5. Bing Tong, New Developments of Macroeconometric Models: A Review, Zhejiang Social Sciences, 2009(8):106-111. (in Chinese)

  6. Bing Tong, A Comparison of Forecast Performance between VAR model and LangRuen Forecasts, Financial Theory & Practice, 2009(7):23-26. (in Chinese)

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